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Alberta K9's working-dog breeding program started in 2017, after years of pre-planning and research.

We began by sourcing exemplary canines from the world's top working lines - who are proven, titled, and health-tested. 

Our breedings are strategically planned to ensure healthy, stable, and genetically-superior canines.

We are proud to breed with integrity, and are committed to setting our canines up for success in their future disciplines.

We stand behind the health and suitability of our canines, no matter what role they are trained for. 
We are devoted to meeting and exceeding our obligations as Canadian Kennel Club member-breeders.

While our primary objective is the placement of our canines in working roles, we occasionally have canines available for purchase by suitable, active, pet homes. If you are looking to add a top quality canine to your family, please reach out to us for more information.


  • To breed with integrity, honestyprofessionalism, and purpose

  • To only breed health-tested working-line canines from titled & proven lines

  • To provide transparency and full disclosure to our clients

  • To produce strong, stable, and capable working-line canines

  • To set all of our canines and clients up for success

  • To maximize the learning and development of our canines

  • To never sacrifice the quality of our canines for quantity or wealth

  • To meet and exceed our obligations as Canadian Kennel Club Member-Breeders

  • To provide ongoing and lifetime breeder support to our clients

  • To always treat the health, safety, and comfort of our breeding females as a priority

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